• Life Cycle Assessment on Liquefied Hydrogen and Ammonia by Carrier with Multi-Propulsion System

    Company, 2022.05.01.~2022.09.30.

  • Life Cycle Assessment for Eco-Friendly Ship with Thermal Electric Generator

    Company, 2021.12.31.~2022.03.30.

  • Design of Suction Nozzle for BMWS Filter to Improve Backwash Performance

    Company, 2021.10.01.~2022.09.30.

  • Experimental and Numerical Performance Test on Radiant Heat in Offshore Structures

    Company, 2021.04.19.~2021.11.30.

  • Study on Green Water Phenomena using 3D Optical Measurement Techniques

    Ministry of Education, 2021.06.01.~2024.05.31.

  • Global Advanced Engineer Education Program for Future Ocean Structures

    Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, 2020.03.01.~2025.08.31.

  • Development of Test Facility and Method for MW Class Hydrogen FC-ESS System of Ship

    Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, 2019.06.01.~2023.12.31.

  • Hydrodynamic Design Technology for Offshore Platforms under Extreme Ocean Environment

    Ministry of Science and ICT, 2013.03.01.~2021.02.29.

  • Development of Hull Form of Year-round Floating-type Offshore Structure based on the Arctic Ocean in ARC7 Condition with Dynamic Positioning and Mooring System

    Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, 2016.03.01.~2020.12.31.

  • Dual Degree Program fostering Design/Feed Engineer for Offshore Plant between Korea and United Kingdom Universities

    Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, 2015.07.01.~2020.08.31.

  • Professional Engineer Coaching Program utilizing Retired Professionals

    Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, 2017.03.01.~2020.02.29.

  • Performance Test for Amphibious Bus

    Company, 2019.03.~2020.02.

  • Feasibility Study of Ocean New·Renewable Combined Power System

    Busan Metropolitan City, 2017.06.27.~2019.06.18.

  • Development of Bathymetry Measurement System and Autopilot System

    Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, 2017.01.01.~2019.04.08

  • Feasibility Study for 25K FSRB in JAMAICA

    Company, 2018.07.~2018.12.

  • Study on the 2D Hydraulic Model for Construction of Pospower Samcheok Power Station(Unit 1&2)

    Company, 2017.04.11.~2017.07.31.

  • Experimental Study on Airgap of Offshore Structures

    Company, 2015.05.01.~2017.04.30.

  • Development of Damage Control System Technologies for Fire and Flooding Damage in Ships

    Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, 2015.06.01.~2016.05.31.

  • Feasibility Study of Oil Spill Recovery Technique Research Center

    Busan Metropolitan City, 2015.03.01.~2015.12.31.

  • Development of Station-keeping Performance Analysis and Application Technology for Offshore Platform considering Ocean Environments

    Ministry of Science and ICT, 2013.11.01.~2015.10.31.

  • Establishment of Invigoration Strategy for Securing Competitiveness of Center for Specialized Industry Technology

    Busan Metropolitan City, 2014.11.01.~2014.12.31.

  • Establishment of Australia Market Entry Strategy for Offshore Equipment Business

    Ministry of Science and ICT, 2013.11.18.~2014.03.31.

  • Technical Service for ATS-II Propulsion System Integration (PSI)

    Nongovernment, 2011.05.01.~2013.10.30.