Undergraduate Student Courses

NO33711: Marine Equipment Design for Ocean Resource Production

  • Fundamental Concept of Ocean Engineering
  • Design Concept of Offshore Structural Facilities
  • Term Project – Design of Offshore Facilities

NO35660: Convergence Design of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

  • Design and fabrication of various systems associated with naval architecture and ocean engineering
  • Team-based practicing hours on creative problem solving in engineering design process
  • Creative idea, concept generation, teamwork, communication skill, brainstorming, idea refining, decision making, TRIZ practice, project management skills

NO25077: Ship Equipments

  • Understanding of terms and design concepts for ship outfitting
  • Familiarize design drawings and use of equipments
  • Knowledge on decision process associated with ship outfit equipments

NO25103: Ship Motion & Ocean Engineering Laboratory

  • Ship motion theory
  • Ship motion experiment in wave flume
  • Water wave mechanics theory
  • Water wave experiment in wave flume

NO25113: Offshore Structural Design

  • Overview of Ocean Engineering and its Applications to Offshore Structures
  • Understanding of offshore structure behavior in ocean environment
  • Basic design of offshore structure

Graduate Student Courses

NA75566: Advanced Physical Modeling of Ocean Engineering

  • Fundamental fluid mechanics
  • Introduction to Ocean Environment and Offshore Structures
  • Theories of Experimental Data Analysis
  • Physical Modeling
  • PIV Techniques and Analysis

NA66009: Advanced Theory of Ocean Engineering

  • Understanding of ocean environment
  • Understanding of deep sea and offshore structure system
  • Evaluating of ocean environmental loading and Improving design ability